It is difficult to convince and help people adopt a healthy and environmentally friendly home, which could adapt to their changing needs, instead of them having to move. With its unique design, FlexSola can solve this challenge, but it will require the support and cooperative efforts of many people.

Need inspires innovation, almost invariably!

My story goes back to 1989, when I, Nicholas Varias designed and built our family home in London, Ontario. I wanted to have an independent lower level apartment. We had decided to raise our young children at home, and thanks to the unique configuration of our house, my wife was able to run a home day care to supplement our income. Following up on my idea, I submitted my design into the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation's FlexHousing Design Competition of 1995-96, which I won. A model unit of my design was built at the Canadian Centre for Housing Technology in Ottawa, in 1999.discussion

A Solar Upgrade

FlexSola is the solar upgrade of my original design. By applying the main principles of FlexHousing™, adaptability, accessibility and affordability, FlexSola enables people to purchase and keep their home, rather than move when family or economic conditions change.

FlexSola should therefore appeal to multi-generational living, first-home buyers, children & seniors homecare, home-based businesses. Amanda’s story of love and success describes the concept and its social and economic benefits in reconciling human needs.

The ecological footprint of the house is reduced by its green roof, which returns to nature a large portion of the land covered by the building. Complemented by an optional greenhouse, the private rooftop becomes an outdoor oasis for leisure, pets, or to grow organic fruits and vegetables.discussion

Will it suit you?

Each unit can be expanded in plan and constructed with one, two or three storeys, to suit a variety of needs and budgets. Furthermore, the design incorporates a storage space stacked on each floor, for an optional wheelchair elevator. All this unique flexibility, presently not available on the housing market, will facilitate stable residencies, and create safe and caring neighbourhoods. In contrast with a conventional house, which can be a financial liability, FlexSola is in fact a financial asset.discussion In other words, your FlexSola home can generate revenues from rent and electricity. It will also save you money on energy and maintenance. The design is based on steel and concrete modular elements that can be prefabricated to reduce costs and achieve a high quality of construction. The final design and construction will generate a lot of economic activity and jobs in your community.

Our goal is to plant the seed for the first FlexSola housing community, and then see it spread all over the world to help people help themselves.